Monday, September 3, 2012

New Details Emerge in Daily Brass Plagiarism Scandal

by Al Butterman

Do you know what I just realized?  Before I was summarily dismissed from the editorial board of the Daily Brass, I was the site’s chief moderator.  Among my responsibilities was coordinating, formatting, and posting each article.  It seems none of the other liberal pansies around here had my technical know-how.  Do you know what else?  I just changed all the passwords, Baby!  I own this blog!

I also remembered several new details and improprieties committed by the staff at this lousy internet rag, and I figure I might as well use that information as I see fit.

For starters, half the posts consist of previous recycled material from, like, 2010.  Most of the posts from June and July of this year appeared several years ago, before the so-called Editor-in-Chief, Christamar Varicella, shuttered the site for almost a year, only to resume this past summer with a few new staff members and a cache of previously published work.  He claimed this was no different than a show like 60 Minutes showing reruns, but if that’s the case then why is Jonah Leher and Fareed Zakaria taking so much heat for committing the same infractions? 

Review: Foxes and Chickens, An Allegory appeared at in February of this year.  An Open Letter to Tom Wolfe appeared in A River and Sound Review in 2010, An Open Letter to Jack Kerouac appeared in Pig in a Poke and An Open Letter to Dave Eggers appeared in the Cynic Online Magazine the same year.  Even portions of Varicella’s acclaimed novel Dinosaur Ghost (Chapter 3) was previously published prior to their latest appearance in the Daily Brass.  Are these infractions as bad as Purvis McGrew’s plagiarism of Professor Ellington Sinclair, originator of the philosophy of Insectivism, and the work of his own colleague, Sally Putterman?  Maybe not, but they’re still pretty friggin’ bad.

Well, I say enough is enough.  I’m in charge now (Me, Al Butterman).  All the other staff members can consider their asses fired!  From now on this blog will be devoted to reviews of books by politically conservative authors like Mitt Romney (Review: This Land is My Land), open letters to famous republicans (Coming soon: An Open Letter to Ronald Reagan) and parodying books in a way that conservatives will find funny.  (Why did the liberal cross the road?  Because he’s a friggin’ communist who doesn’t believe in driving a car!) 

But the first thing I’m going to do is call on any non-partisan fact checkers out there to go through Purvis McGrew’s body of work looking for irregularities.  His body of work can be found here: An Open Letter to JK Rowling, An Open Letter to Cormac McCarthy, A Recent Interview with Jack Kerouac, An Open Letter to Gabriel Garcia Marquez,  An Open Letter to Stephanie Meyer, An Open Letter to Philip Roth, An Open Letter to Thomas Pynchon, Review: Politics Shmolitics.  Let’s nail the bastard. 

This is the dawn of a new era--the era of Butterman.  Long may it reign.

Al Butterman is the newly installed Commander-in-Chief of the Daily Brass.  His name be praised.


  1. Al, I'm locked out of my account. Would you let me in please?

  2. Well, well, well, look whose come crawling back.

  3. Is that you, Al? You're still posting comments anonymously?

  4. Maybe I am and maybe I'm not. You'll never know.

  5. Would you please stop all this nonsense. This is my blog. You can't just stage a coup.

  6. Possession is 9/10 of the law

  7. That's not a real law and you know it!

  8. You'll be hearing from my lawyers!