The man accused of a series of murders in the 1970s is long dead, but a new spate of killings bears eerie similarities, and rumors are swirling in the town he once terrorized.
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A jealous young man plots to kill his grandfather’s dachshund; conjoined twins have differing opinions on whether or not to separate; a hypochondriac writer has to decide between finishing his magnum opus and treating a spider bite; a young man suffering through a mental breakdown seeks comfort from the blue whale in his bathtub.  Too Weird  is a collection of seven short, darkly humorous stories by Christamar Varicella.

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Dinosaurs are back from extinction and seeking revenge against those who would use their remains to power an SUV.  Dinosaur Ghost combines a Science Fiction parody with a satire of republican politics while simultaneously answering the question: what really killed the dinosaurs?  The answer: gay marriage!

Only in this short, silly romp will you witness dinosaur ghosts destroying a creationist museum, disrupting a gun rally, crashing CPAC, and eating the right wing of the Supreme Court.

This book is available only in eBook format.

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