Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back in Brass

by Christamar Varicella

The reign of Al Butterman is over.  Long live the Daily Brass.

Funny story.  When I told my lawyer that a deranged ex-employee had seized control of my book blog, he assured me the fact that I had no money would not be a problem.  Then he found out the person I intended to sue had no money either, and he decided not to take the case.  What was I going to do? 

I asked my lawyer, but he told me he didn’t know. 

“But how could this happen?” I asked as he escorted me to the door. 

“Don’t you have  a password to login as an administrator?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, “But so did Butterman, and he changed it.” Only by this time the lawyer was no longer there.  He had shut the door of his office.

That’s when his secretary said, “Have you tried clicking the little line below the login info that says, ‘Forgot your password?’”

“What?” I asked.  You may find this hard to believe, but I’m no expert when it comes to computer-related hibberty gibberty. 

“You set up the blogger account under your own name, didn’t you?”

“Um.  I’m not sure.  Maybe.”

“Click ‘Forgot your password?’ and then check your email.”

So, I did.  And, you’ll never guess what happened!  I was able to change the password!  Butterman is now out, and I’m back in! The Daily Butterman is no more.  The Daily Brass is back!  (I’ll change the name on the banner just as soon as I figure out how.) Hooray!

You can expect a new chapter of The Zombie Bocephus as soon as tomorrow (or perhaps next week some time.  I still have to type it out.)  Also, look for new open letters from Purvis McGrew.  (He told me who he was going to write to next, but I forget who it was.)  And look for a new fake book review (that’s a real review of a fake book, not the scandalous fake reviews of real books) by Sally Putterman.

Speaking of Sally.  When I told the funny story about how I regained control of the blog, she hit me over the head with a metal trash can lid. Now that I think about it, why was she carrying that thing around, anyway.?  What was I talking about?  I don't feel so good.

Christamar Varicella
The Daily Brass

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  1. Nooooooo! I still have more embarrassing information to divulge! Like how most of the web traffic this site receives is siphoned From the comments section at or from Goodreads discussions.

  2. Well, Al, you'll just have to save it for the next blog coup you stage.

  3. Aw, but I wanted to do it on this one.