Monday, August 20, 2012

Review of Sally Putterman's Review of Alfred Butterman's The Mucus Stain

The Mucus Stain
By Alfred Butterman
Alfred Butterman Publishing, 178 Pages
Review of Sally Putterman's Review by Alfred Butterman

The world of online book reviews hit an all-time low yesterday with the release of Sally Putterman's review of Alfred Butterman's wonderful new novel, The Mucus Stain. (The review can be found
here.)  First among her catalogue of outrageous assertions was the assertion that self publishing hit an all-time low with the release of Al Butterman's The Mucus Stain.  It certainly did not.  Self publishing started at an all-time low and it is now a full two degrees above that line.  Also, What kind of hackneyed opening is that anyway?  I'll tell you what kind it is, it's the same hackneyed opening Ms Putterman uses to begin every review she's ever written.  It seems every time Ms Putterman opens a book, publishing hits an all-time low.  It's lazy writing and it goes with her lazy reading.   The truth is Ms. Putterman didn't even understand Mr. Butterman's novel.

The first thing she failed to understand was that this novel was not meant to be taken literally; it's a symbolic novel.  The Doo Doo Monster is symbolic of all the negative rhetoric hurled by partisans on both sides of the political aisle, but especially by the demoncrats led by Barack Hussein Obama.  Second of all, the Doo Doo Monster doesn't hurl doo doo balls at Planned Parenthood's building as Ms. Putterman maintaines--it shoots doo doo pellets from a doo doo gun, a doo doo rifle to be exact.  How about getting your facts straight instead of making up details that weren't even in the novel??!!

The truth is Ms. Putterman and the editor's of the Daily Brass are a bunch of hairbrained liberals who trash fine literature such as The Mucus Stain while promoting trash like Dinosaur Ghost (Chapter 1) in which honest hard-working conservatives are eaten by dinosaurs just because they don't believe in gay marriage or the greenhouse effect, while feminazis run wild and have orgies with said dinosaurs (Chapter 5.)  It's disgusting.  And that's what I was trying to say in The Mucus Stain; these people are going to reap what they sew because someday, real Americans are going to take back novels, book reviews, and the internet from the likes of Sally Putterman, and the editors of the Daily Brass, but until then, they can have it because I QUIT.

Al Butterman is the author  of The Mucus Stain.  Until very recently he wrote book reviews for the Daily Brass.

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  1. I know that's you, Sally Putterman. You know who's mature? Other people besides you, that's who.

  2. You're so pathetic, Al. You're like one of those sad little insecure authors who go online and troll every person who gives them. Grow up.

  3. I meant to say who gives them a bad review.

  4. You grow up, Sally. You're the one who's pathetic. You're a bad review!

  5. That doesnt even make sense.

  6. I meant to say bad reviewer. You dont make sense!

  7. I'm out of here. Enjoy your unemployment.

  8. FIne, I will. I hope you enjoy being stupid because that's what you are. You're a stupid stupid book review