Friday, May 11, 2012

Mensa Accepts Four-Year-Old

Today, Mensa, the exclusive club devoted to people with high IQs, accepted a four-year -old girl, prompting the question: If Mensa is so smart, why does it want to hang out with four-year-olds? To be sure, Tabitha Brady of Hampshire possesses an exquisite mind, as she demonstrated during a recent poetry reading in which she shared her [i]Ode to Barbie Princess[/i] and by her published dissertation, [i]Barney the Dinosaur: A Meditation on Good and Evil[/i], but some people outside the organization have insisted that such topics aren't practical or even interesting. "I mean, I think it's great that this kid has read all the Harry Potter books and everything," Said Damian Headley, a college student from Toledo, Ohio, "but I don't want hear about it all the time." He added, "It's gotten to the point where being smart isn't even cool anymore. Mensa is just so blaze, you know? It's like supposed to be for smart people, but it's like dumb. Know what I mean?" This reporter did not know what Mr. Headley meant, so he went to Hampshire, where Tabitha Brady explained it to him.

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