Monday, February 17, 2014

New Zombie Blog

Now that the big Zombie craze is pretty much over, I've decided to publish a zombie novel and give it away for free.  Technically, it's more of a parody novel since The Zombie Bocephus isn't your ordinary zombie.  He doesn't dine on brains and unlike "Hollywood zombies" he has a sparkling personality.   Not only is Bo the world's first "real life" zombie, he's also the world's first member of the living dead from the redneck persuasion. (Technically he's white trash, but let's not get into that now.)  Bo aims to solve his own murder, locate a missing girl, act as a go-between two rival mad scientists, and fend off a pack of mutant squirrels.  And that's just in the first 75 pages!

I'll update the blog regularly and hope to have the book completed by summer.  Of course, you will get all the content on the blog free of charge.  Speaking of free, feel free to leave comments and suggestions beneath each post.  Just go here: The Zombie Bocephus.

Thanks for reading!


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