Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Have a Comic Strip

The Daily Brass is proud to welcome Purvis McGrew's seminal comic strip: "The Coop Clucks Clan" to its pages.  As most of you know, the influence of Mr. McGrew's portrait of race relations within the processed chicken industry is inestimable.  We offer him our humble thanks for gracing our little blog with his esteemed words and pictures.  Open the page to read the first in a series.

The Editors 

The first panel features Mr. McGrew's three principle characters: the stone-faced Judge Cluckerfuster, Henrietta Featherbottom, and Leroy the misguided white supremacist. 

The next panel shows Henrietta explaining to Leroy that he is confused.  This is the Coop Clucks Clan, an organization working to improve living conditions for livestock.  What a delightful mix-up!

What's this?  The farmer is going to butcher Leroy?  Take that, you lousy white supremacist!

In the final panel, the true genius of McGrew shines through, as Judge Cluckerfuster's deadpans delivery of the final line serves as the piece de resistance.  Hysterical!

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