Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Free Download of Dinosaur Ghost

An updated of version of Dinosaur Ghost is now available as a free download at smashwords.com or for 99 cents at amazon.com. Here's the description: 

Dinosaurs Ghost answers the age-old question, "What would happen if dinosaurs came back from extinction and started eating republicans?" Only in this short, humorous romp can one bear witness to rampaging dinosaur ghosts as they visit a creationist museum, disrupt a gun rally, crash CPAC, eat the right wing of the Supreme Court, and come face to face with Donald J. Trump.

The satirical novella parodies the science fiction/horror genre while simultaneously skewering republican politics, and it is the only book ever written willing to tell the truth about what really killed the dinosaurs. Spoiler Alert: It was gay marriage!

Please download a copy. If you think it's funny, I would love it if you left a review at Smashwords, Amazon, and Goodreads.


Some material is not appropriate for children.

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