Sunday, July 31, 2016

DInosaur Ghost Interview

INTERVIEWER: What inspired you to write Dinosaur Ghost?
VARICELLA: Liberal rage.
VARICELLA: It's true. I wanted to take my frustration with republican party nonsense and transform it into something wicked and funny. I found the experience cathartic.
INTERVIEWER: Aren't you worried about alienating half your audience?
VARICELLA: No, I was operating under the assumption that republicans don't read.
INTERVIEWER: So you don't fear a conservative backlash?
VARICELLA: As Donald Trump says, all publicity is good publicity.
INTERVIEWER: But you don't actually want to see republicans eaten by dinosaurs, do you?
VARICELLA: Of course not. Some of my closest friends and family members are conservatives. Please remember, no republicans were harmed in the making of this book.
INTERVIEWER: I'll try to remember that.
INTERVIEWER: Dinosaur Ghost marks the second time you've written a novella in which a person has sex with a dinosaur. (The other being the romance parody, The Oiliest Secret.) What's up with that?
VARICELLA: I'm pretty sure I invented dinosaur erotica.
INTERVIEWER: Neither story is very erotic.
VARICELLA: Oh, then never mind.
INTERVIEWER: So, why did you do it?
VARICELLA: I wrote both books at the same time--alternating chapters--and they ended up merging into one book with that scene as the climax. I eventually separated the two stories and made a few changes, but that aspect remained.
INTERVIEWER: Any plans to continue exploring that theme in the future?
VARICELLA: Nope. I think it's all out of my system.
INTERVIEWER: So what are you working on now?
VARICELLA: I always have several projects in the works. I'm about to publish three horror stories as an eBook under the title Split. I'm also working on a humorous novel about a southerner who is brought back from the dead by a deranged medical school dropout. It's called Frankenbubba. Another is a mainstream novel called Blood Cries.
INTERVIEWER: Thanks for talking with me.
VARICELLA: My pleasure

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