Thursday, September 3, 2015

Top 25 Violent Baby Names

Recently, I read an article about a new trend in which people name their children things like Magnum, Gunner, and Caliber.  (Seriously? Caliber?)  The info came from a site called

I decided I would make my own list of violent baby names for people who are having trouble thinking of original names that are also violent and stupid. So, here goes:

1)   Tank (traditional)
2)  Saber
3)  Blaster
4)  Millennium Falcon
5)  Darth Vader
6)  Tommy (use Gun as a middle name)
7)  Buck (use Shot as a middle name)
8)  Da Bomb (The preferred name of 90s era hip hop artists. Second most preferred name: Da Baby)
9)  Bullet (also good for a dog or a horse)
10)  .44 (This kid would totally beat up a kid named .22)
11) Nuclear Submarine
12) Poison (also good if you’re naming an 80s era hair metal band)
13) Scumbag (This is less of a violent baby name and more of a predictor of what your kid will become if you name him Shooter or Pistol)
14) Knuckles (Particularly great if you want your kid to grow up to  be a gangster in the 30s)
15) Spit Ball (This one is actually pretty mild in comparison to the others)
16) Nunchuck
17) Numchuck
18) Dagger
19) Slappy
20) Arkansas Toothpick
21) Albuquerque Numchuck
22) Scorpioninyourcornflakes
23) Bull Whip
24) Bull Snap
25) Lance

Did I miss one?  Let me know in the comments section.

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