Sunday, September 27, 2015

Prosecutor to Write Book about the Reverend

The chapter of Blood Cries originally scheduled to post today has been delayed due to a malfunctioning computer.  Look for it Thursday October 1, 2015.

According to an article by Al Benn in the Montgomery Advertiser, a new book about Will Maxwell, better known as the Reverend, is coming our way.

The book is to be a nonfiction account and will be written by E. Paul Jones.

Jones is a District Attorney for the state of Alabama and a former assistant to legendary DA Tom Young.  Jones assisted Young during the prosecution of Robert Burns, the man who shot Reverend Maxwell.  Before that, Jones interviewed Maxwell while doing investigation work for an insurance company.

The book is a guaranteed must-read for anyone interested in the Maxwell story and will make an excellent compliment to my fictional version, Blood Cries.

To read Benn’s story in the Advertiser, go here.  An interview with Jones conducted by David Granger of the Alexander City Outlook can be found here.

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