Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dinosaur Ghost is Free!

Dinosaur Ghosts are real and they're eating republicans!  Find out why by reading the ebook Dinosaur Ghost, which is now FREE until the end of July 2015 at  Just go to and enter the promotional code SW100 at checkout.

In this satirical and very silly novella, you'll witness Dinosaur Ghosts desecrating an NRA rally, invading a creationist museum, and eating the right wing of the Supreme Court.  You'll also discover the truth about what really killed the dinosaurs: GAY MARRIAGE!

So, don't just sit there.  Go get it!  It's short, funny, and free!  Read it because you want to prove to your friends how horrible the liberals are (They're eating republicans!) or because you have a sense of  humor.  Either way, it's free!

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